Berling Associates

Berling Associates is a management consulting firm that assists organizations to redefine how to play the game. We accomplish this by assisting companies to improve performance through effective use of their resources and relationships. Our approach is driven always by an overview of the business issues and the goals of our clients. Our purpose is to get to the heart of the issues, solve problems and assist with the implementation of change.

Business is different today. There are continuing and rapid changes in the character and motivation of customers, heightened global aspirations of suppliers, and a new breed of employee. All these elements pose challenges of tremendous consequence. To succeed managers need to: understand and respond precisely to targeted customers, streamline all business processes – internally and in the channel, eliminate time and cost from the business equation, and build enduring profitable relationships with employees, customers and suppliers. To accomplish all of this, managers will often seek outside assistance. The associates of Berling Associates, very likely, can help.

Range of Capabilities

Berling Associates has been providing an array of proven services for over 25 years. Our perspective, forged over time, can assist executives to redefine how they play the game.
  • Business Strategy
    • Strategic Assessment
    • Market Segment Analysis
    • Competitor Evaluations
    • Acquisition Evaluation
    • Strategic Alliances
    • Strategic Planning
  • Measurement Tools
    • Activity Based Costing
    • Product Line Profitability
    • Customer Impact Management
    • Key Business Metrics
  • Business Process Management
    • Process Analysis
    • Process Simplification
    • Process Integration
    • Customer Process Integration
    • Vendor Process Integration
    • Knowledge Management
  • Supply Chain Analysis
    • Inventory Management
    • Cargo Management
    • Sales/Service Analysis
    • Vendor Management
    • Purchasing Management
    • Customer/Vendor Surveys
    • Activity Cost/Value Analysis
    • Site Location Analysis
    • Warehouse Cost Management
    • Logistics Network Optimization
    • 3PL Analysis
    • Decision Support Systems
  • Market Analysis
    • Segment Profitability
    • Customer Profitability
    • Product Profitability
    • Perception Analysis

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